3 Amazing Tools To Make You A Better Copywriter

Starting a blog is simple but not easy. There’s so much more to blogging. Your blog should have a perfect design, your blog should be in a profitable niche, your blog should help your readers, your blog should help you sell more.

But, if I have to pick one that’s most important than anything else, it has to be copywriting.

The words that you write on your blog helps you get more visitors, attention and sales.

If you don’t know how to write effectively, then no matter how much you try, the chances of you being successful are super thin.

So, help you level up your copywriting game, I have curated 3 of my favourite copywriting tools that’ll help you become a rock star copywriter.

Note.  None of this matter if you haven’t started your blog yet. So, if you haven’t started your blog, I recommend you first go and read How To Start Blogging And Stick With it

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Here are three of my favourite tools to instantly help you write better emails, headlines, website copy, blog posts, reports, letters, marketing materials — and just about anything you can think of.

They’re all 100% FREE, super easy to use and will improve writing skills the more you use them. Like I said. Amazing.

1) Crayon.co

Ever googled your competitors to see what they’re up to? To see how they present their services and sell their products online?
No shame in that, dude.
Because let me tell you a secret. We ALL do it.

And besides, it’s not where you take it from, it’s where you take it too.

Here’s how to use crayon.co:

1) Visit https://www.crayon.co/
2) Log in and click the Inspire tab.
3) You now have a searchable database of millions of companies you can use to inspire and inform your writing projects.
4) Search by type of business, sector, then drill down to the type of page you’re interested in: home page, services, pricing etc. You can even filter by the level of traffic.

5) Find out how your competitors are positioning themselves, their pricing, strategies, designs, copy tone, voice, messaging — in one handy dashboard.

2) Hemingway App

Hemingway App is essentially your very own personal editor and writing instructor.This genius tool improves the readability of your writing by making it simpler and easier to understand. It does this by measuring your words by grade level. And, contrary to what you might think, the lower the grade level, the better!

Which is why I always say imagine you’re writing for school children. This is going to make your writing simpler, crisper and easier to understand.

Don’t believe me? Ernest Hemingway’s writing style is around 4th to 6th-grade reading level.
Simply drop in your text, follow the coloured prompts and BINGO… tighter, brighter, more readable copy in seconds.

Hemingway App is my number one go-to tool for removing adverbs and the passive voice. In other words, it removes sluggish, amateurish writing that drives nobody to action.

Go play and see for yourself.

3) Headline Analyzer

A superb tool that’s as fun as it is useful.

Pop your headline, subheading, tweet or email subject line in the box and CoSchedule will give you a score based on structure, grammar and readability.

Your goal is to get the right balance of power and emotion in your headline – to compel your reader to take action. Aim for a score higher than average.

I really like the fact it keeps a history of each headline so you can see how far you’ve come while making improvements.

A great way to write headlines that resonate more with your readers.

BONUS: How These Tools Can Quickly Re-invigorate Your Existing Copy

Here’s a quick project for you. Grab an old blog post or any piece of content.

1) Copy and paste the text into Hemingway App and follow the prompts to improve readability.
2) Now test the headline in Headline Analyzer. Can you improve the score by switching a few words around? The higher the score, the more likely your piece is going to get read. You could use this for a tweet or email subject line too.
3) Check out how other people in your industry are writing about similar topics by running a search on Crayon.co. What tone are they using? What kind of language? How are they positioning themselves? Maybe there’s some intel you can build into your own copy to make it resonate even more with your target customer?

Now compare your original post with the new one. Is it improved? Have you learnt something valuable? The more you use these tools, the better you will get at writing over time. Remember: everything you do builds on everything you do.

Again, if you haven’t started your blog yet, I recommend using BLUEHOST as a hosting platform because it’s the most reliable and you also get a free domain with your hosting. Click here to start a blog with BlueHost

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