Here’s My Brand New POD Store

One thing I decided when I started this blog is not to share something that I don’t personally use or do.

I believe that’s the right way to do it.

This post is in continuation to my previous post.

How you can make quick money with POD when your blog is not yet making you any money.

You can read that post here

So, after I shared the post, I decided to give it try.

I purchased the TEECAMPAIGN 2.0.

And launched my brand new TEESPRING store.

I went for the beard niche for two reasons.

1. I think there’s a large passionate audience behind this niche

2. I already have a men’s fashion blog, And I think the two niches overlap.

Here’s a step by step process I followed.

1. I purchased TEECAMPAIGN 2.0

2. Downloaded 100+ Beard Tee Designs

3. Created around 20+ TEESPRING campaign. (Going to create more)

4. Shared a link to Beard Facebook groups to get some feedback on designs.

5. Made 2 sales. Profit = $24

However, I was expecting way more sales, but nonetheless not a bad start.

So, want to see my Brand New Beard Store?

Click here to see my new POD store.

Let me know if you give this method a try. Or if you have any questions about starting up.

I’ll try and help.

I’ll share more updates on this store in the future.

Have a great weekend guys.

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