How I Make Money With Shopify

Shopify is a powerful, powerful e-commerce platform. We all know that.

But what most people don’t realize that’s it can also be used as a powerful blogging platform.

Sure, Shopify’s blogging part is not as powerful as WordPress but if you do it right you can leverage it to make a ton of money.

A few benefits of running a blog on Shopify.

1. Inbuilt powerful SEO. Yes, Shopify has powerful inbuilt SEO features. That will help you rank in Google fast.

2. It’s easier to sell related products. When your blogging and e-commerce is one it’s super easy to integrate products with your content.

3. You can sell Digital & Physical Products Both. Yes, you don’t need multiple platforms do that. Shopify lets you sell anything you want.

4. Make Money With Ads. Apart from selling your products, like WordPress, you can make money by placing Adsense or Media.Net ads on your site.

5.Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Programme. There’re apps in the Shopify App store that allows you to import products from Amazon with just one click.

Now that I showed you how Shopify can be your best bet when starting an online business, let me share how I make money from my Shopify Blog.

1. Selling eBooks. I sell ebooks related fashion. I have 6 ebooks that I sell from $5 a pop to $20 a pop.

2. Ads. I have placed Media.Net ads all over my site. It’s a pretty good alternative to Adsense. I am waiting for my Adsense account to be approved for ages now.

3. Promoting Affiliate Products. I use Amazon Affiliate and Shopstyle Collective to promote affiliate products.

4. Dropshipping. Yes, I sell cool dropship products. There are apps in the Shopify App store that lets you do it in just a few click. ( There’s huge money to be made here)

5. POD. I make money by selling Graphic tees and posters with the help of some awesome Print on Demand software.

So, that’s how I make money from my Shopify store.

And trust me it’s super simple and anyone can do it.

If you too want to start an Online Store+ Blog with Shopify. Here’s a Link To Get 14 Days FREE Trial.

Make money with shopify

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